Creating the Bristol Aerospace film


When Bristol Aerospace asked us to produce a museum experience trailer the key task was to identify the story. 

Director of the video and filmmaker for Objective 1 Andrew Sykes’s aim was to show the experience from the eyes of a group of children who visit the museum. The pace is important in this teaser as it builds the excitement and drama of the exhibits on display while not revealing too much of the experience. 

The team at Bristol Aerospace have done a great job of giving the aviation exhibits space to breathe, lighting them dramatically and having a highly tactile and interactive experience. 

Andrew’s background helped create the cinematic feel and a tone which really highlights the quality of the museum. The music was carefully selected with a nod to aviation and it creates a feeling of flying high in the clouds among these stunning aircraft. 

Concorde was a tricky element of the video. Capturing such an iconic aircraft without spoiling the reveal of seeing Concorde for the first time when you visit. Andrew was adamant that the views you see in the final film are views which anyone could have, the camera never goes out of the perspective of the visitor. 

Andrew Sykes