Over 7 years experience. Available to hire with experience across multiple genres including corporate/brand films, documentary, music videos, narrative fiction and commercials.


Complete Package

Shoot, edit, post-production and delivery. All in one.



I can tailor my work specifically to your needs, making hiring me for your project super cost effective.


“If I pluck Andrew’s eyes out tomorrow he can stumble around happy in the knowledge that he NAILED that scene. Beautiful. FAR better than how I had it on the page”
— Mike Sizemore, Film & TV Writer


“(Precision, short film) It’s an inspiring example of how digital storytelling is changing in the face of new, nimble tools that lower the cost of experimentation and production”


“The thing about Andrew is: He is an ever-open door as regards listening to fresh ideas and to listening to colleagues. He is like a mirror reacting to a laser beam ... it bounces back intensified.”
— Allan O'Keefe Author & Actor


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